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Windfyre IRC Network: Rules (Chat, Forums etc.)

Windfyre IRC Network Rules
* NO (D)DoS Attacks, OS Exploit attacks, hack threats, etc. on our users, services, and/or services.

* NO harrassment via personal messages or channels (unless stated otherwise by channel owner), please treat ALL users with respect and kindness.

* NO harrassment via personal messages, please treat ALL users with respect and kindness. If you are severely harrassed at a point where /ignore or /silence don't help, you may report the user to an active IRC operator.

* NO impersonation of users, IRC operators, or network services of any kind is allowed.

* Absolutely NO SEX TALK IN MAIN CHANNEL #Windfyre

* NO mass flooding or spamming users without thier permission. It's immature, a waste of time, and can anger users. Excess flooding will result in an automatic termination of your connection to the server.

* NO pornography related or Cybersex channels are allowed. We may allow exceptions, but ONLY with an administrator's permission and channel mode +s.

* NO BotNets are allowed. This includes, but is not limited to collections of Eggdrops bots and bots designed to deliver DDoS attacks. Game Bots, Trivia Bots, Bar Bots and Utility Bots are acceptable, but remember that we have restrictions on how many clients can exist from one IP.

* NO illegal file sharing channels of any kind are permitted. Any of those channels found will instantly be terminated and "key users" for the channel will probably be banned from the network. Legal file sharing channels will be allowed with permission from a network administrator if they stay with mode +s. They will also be monitored.

* NO advertising of other servers/network or any malicious websites, at all. If your network has been disallowed or filtered in messages and you still want to find a way around it and have been caught before, expect a network ban.

* NO sending out any malicious files to any other user on this network. Deliberate sending will be dealt with harshly, but if you are found to be infected by a trojan, please be smart and get a good anti-virus program and firewall.

If something is not written in these rules, it doesn't mean you can do it. Use common sense, or ask an IRC operator.

The administrators of Windfyre believe in free speech as much as anyone else but THIS IS A PRIVATE NETWORK. That means free speech or anything of the such does not apply here, and WE RESERVE THE RIGHT TO REFUSE ACCESS TO ANYONE FOR ANY, OR NO REASON. This applies to the suspension or dropping of nicknames, channels, etc. as well.

If a channel operator bans you from their channel for any reason, it is a channel issue and therefore cannot be dealt with by an IRC operator who does not have status in the channel. We do not deal or interfere with channel issues, so do not come begging us! If an IRC operator is causing problems, starting trouble, or abusing their power in any way, please feel free to send an e-mail to admin@windfyre.net, or privately notify someone of higher status through #Help.