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Connecting to Windfyre

You might be wondering... how does one come to chat on the Windfyre Network? There are several ways that you can get online, some are simple webpages while for the more advanced there are computer programs and other methods. Below are just a few listed ways. Also note that on the right side of each page, you can connect using our Website.

Connecting Via Java or Flash Clients (webchat)

This is by far the simplest way to connect to the Windfyre IRC Network. Infact, this might be one of the reasons you are at this website at all: You came from a website that had one of our Java Applets or Flash Rooms on it!

Chatting on the webchat is pretty easy. You require little configuration of your own, just putting in your nickname in the box shown. The webchat automatically takes you to the main chatroom when you click on Enter. If you are new to IRC, we recommend beginning with webchat. If you need more functinality like friend lists and remebering channels, there is an alternative known as Mibbit, another online IRC client that you can connect to Windfyre with. To use Mibbit, read below.

Connecting Via Mibbit

Mibbit is a modern, sophisticated and stylish online IRC client. To use Mibbit, simpily browse to mibbit.com in your browser and fill in the connection details. If you are unsure of what details to use, click "server" and type in irc.windfyre.net If you are registered on Windfyre, you can also click on "auth" and enter your password. If not, just type in a nickname and a channel to join. Once your details are filled in, click "GO" and the client will connect!

Connecting Via mIRC

mIRC is a popular IRC client for Windows with many, many features. This is a very great alternative to the Java Client, in terms of ease and performance.

To connect to the Windfyre Network via the mIRC Client is pretty simple: If you are an experienced mIRC User, then you simply type "/server irc.windfyre.net". If this is your first time using mIRC (For this server, say), you should Type ALT+O first (both at the same time). It will popup a configuration box in mIRC. Once you are done filling in everything (Name, Nickname, Email, etc) click on the "server" tab on the left of the window. If there are a list of servers there, scroll down until you find irc.windfyre.net and select it. Then, click the large "Select" button. This will take you back to the previous window. On this window, click the "connect" button and if everything is successful, voila! You are now connected to Windfyre.

Connecting Via Other Computer Clients

Most IRC clients for your computer will have a similar interface to mIRC, all you need to do is find the settings window and enter your details. If irc.windfyre.net is not on the server list, use the command "/server irc.windfyre.net" on the main server window.