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Basic IRC Commands

New to IRC, all these commands looking confusing you? Or just wondering what you can do? The list of commands below are seperated into two categories. The first section is user commands, these are commands you type to join/part channels, connect and do general things. The second category is channel commands. These are commands you type in a channel to do things like set modes, change the topic or kick someone.

User Commands

Remember to type these commands into the status window to avoid giving out sensitive information!

Command Function
/join [channel] Join the given channel, for example #Windfyre
/part [channel] Leave the given channel.
/ns identify [password] Used to login to a registered nick when asked for your password.
/nick [nickname] Changes your nickname.
/away [message] Sets your nick to away with the given message.
/me [text] Send an action command in a channel. For example "/me eats food".
/msg [nick] [message] Starts a private chat with that nickname.
/quit [message] Disconnect from the network. For example "/quit going for dinner".
/whois [nick] Lookup information on the nick.
/ns register [password] [email] Register your nickname so that nobody can use it but you.

Channel Commands

These commands change settings of a channel - you must be a half-operator or higher to execute these.

Command Function
/topic [channel] [message] Sets the topic for a channel.
/mode [channel] [mode] Sets a mode on a channel. For example "/mode #Windfyre +m" sets mode moderated.
/cs register [channel] [password] [description] Registers you as founder of a channel.