2017-10-20 05:45:28


Legacy.* retired and reborn by Link (30 Jul 2016 )
Had some bad bad issues with legacy.* splitting. We have a new server and a new datacenter and it should be running smoothly soon. If you notice any connectivity issues it might be the round robin trying to connect to a different ip while everything is propagating. If that is the issue than you can alwaus connect via: omen.windfyre.net or raine.windfyre.net
New Website by Link (26 Jun 2016 )
Been working hard all day to get us a better webpage built. A lot of pages were added and the website is looking great. We have a new webchat you can join us by clicking the "Chatroom" link on the left side in the menu. Forums will be worked on soon. Join us and chat!
Windfyre is reawakening by Dann (20 Jun 2016 )
If you're reading this message, it means that you've found our relaunch page. Welcome (back) to Windfyre!

Alongside Kyle, we will be working over the next few months at a restoration of this page and its' parent IRC network. You may visit us on an IRC client at any time by going to irc.windfyre.net, or by visiting our webchat. There's not too much activity now as of this post, but you can begin to do your part to help with our relaunch by stopping by and perhaps throwing us an idle. ;)

We also want to spread the word that our official relaunch date is set at November 21, 2016. This is when I expect to have a brand new webpage design launched, and also coincides with the 15th anniversary of the founding of Windfyre.

Hope to see you online!